My name's
Travis Ford DeCastro

I'm a game developer and composer.

Hang out, take a listen, and leave me a message if you want to get in touch.


About Me

My career started at Riot Games in 2014, where I've been working as a producer on cross-functional development teams and making music at home.

After more than a decade of making music as a hobby, I'm excited to collaborate with indie game developers and make cool music.  I'm all about professionalism and reliability - as a producer, it's what I expect from my teammates.


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I composed the score for Dupli_City, which released in November 2019!


I've worked on music and sfx for these 48-hour game jams with Plus Ultra:

I also composed music for this short documentary:


I'm always looking to collaborate or just chat about games & music.
Feel free to leave me a message!

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon.

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